Magnus Bruun-Rasmussen December 4, 2012

The concept of content marketing is very simple and easy to use, but at the same time difficult to perfect! As the internet is becoming ever more congested with information and advertisements how do you stand out? Content marking has in many ways become the new way for companies to differentiate themselves from the crowd, increase visibility  and at the same time offer it's customers that little extra thing, that makes them come back for more! There are many ways to use content marketing, but as with all…

Magnus Bruun-Rasmussen November 5, 2012

If size is all that matters on Facebook, is buying “likes” then cheating? Small businesses can with relatively few dollars build an impressive parade of small thumbs up, showing success and popularity. Some of the worlds biggest brands do it; Coca Cola, Samsung and Starbucks, just to name few. If so many are doing it, why shouldn’t you? This post will maybe make you think twice. Should YOU Also "Buy Likes"? We are currently in a time where peer reviews, through blogs, Facebook or sites such as Trip Advisor,…

Magnus Bruun-Rasmussen November 2, 2012

Posting updates on your Facebook fan page is not Shakespeare, but some posts are better then others and with 293,000 Facebook status updates every 60 seconds, you want yours to be the best! Traffic, likes, and shares are important, but not everything! To experience real effect from your posts you need to reach the right people with the right content. If you want to do just that, here are six easy ways to get started: 1. Be Relevant You can’t post random content and then expect your fan page to be overnight…

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